The Jensen Hotel History


the house is mentioned for the first time in the Kiel University Library archives. The first owner's name was Geradus de Ropenacke. He was an honorable hanseatic merchant, like all of the house's subsequent inhabitants.


the innkeeper Klaus Heinrich Krüger purchases the property and receives the first permit for serving drink and food, called the "Herbergier Krug- und Schankgerechtigkeit". The historical house has harbored gastronomic businesses ever since, and has constantly adapted to changing times. In the past, there was a so-called "Ausspann" located behind the house, where local farmers could leave their horses while enjoying a drink in the taproom.


the house received its current name from the hotelier Heinrich-Christian Jensen. Not only did the name sound Scandinavian, it also magnetically attracted Scandinavian guests.


the husband-and-wife team Jürgen and Irmgard Rahlff bought the hotel and sustained the tradition.


Wilfried Petersson became a service employee and then became...


...leaseholder of the restaurant "Jagdzimmer"...


...then leaseholder of the "Hotel Jensen" itself.


Wilfried and his wife Heidrun Rahlff-Petersson took over ownership, as the adopted children of Jürgen and Irmgard Rahlff.


Jürgen Bierwirth, a long-time employee, leased the restaurant "Yachtzimmer"


Wilfried and Heidrun Rahlff-Petersson promoted their daughter Marnie Stillert, née Petersson, as a shareholder in the management.