What is happening in Lübeck

Here are some highlights out of the city's event calendar

guided tour through parts of the city-library

each first Wednesday a guided tour through the historical parts of the city-library 

St. Annen Museum

collection of Art with changing special exhibitions also in the St. Anne´s Museum Quarter

Holstentor Museum

"history of the hanseatic city of Lübeck" and "the power of trade"

European Hansemuseum

The largest museum in the world dedicated to the history of the Hanse...

guides you through 800 years of Hanseatic history. The Hanse was a powerful economic alliance that extended across northern Europe and the Baltic, in which first merchants and later towns joined together to promote long-distance and maritime trade.

Caspar David Friedrich and Edvard Munch

permanent exhibition in the museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus

Christmas Market

Lübeck is switching the lights on

25.11.-30.12.2019 on several markets on the city-centre-island