Our hotel rooms and Prices

To make your stay in our Lübeck city hotel as individual as possible, we offer various room types. All of our 42 hotel rooms with a total of 80 beds are non-smoking rooms. They are equipped with shower/bath and toilet, telephone, cable TV, radio alarm clock, blowdryer, minibar and soundproof windows. The hotel room prices are calculated according to the location and size of the rooms.

The prices are valid per hotel room and night, and include the breakfast buffet and W-Lan. All prices include VAT

Internet access / W-Lan

Wireless internet is available in the hotel rooms and in the public hotel area free of charge all day and night.

Reduced Prices

We offer reduced prices from January until March, except holidays.

Children sleep for free

Children up to 5 years of age sleep for free in the parents' bed. Baby beds are available for free.

Arrival / Departure

Arrival time: from 3 p.m., Departure time: by 11 a.m.(Our luggage room is available for your further needs outside of this time frame)



Our hotel has an elevator.

Hotel vouchers

We are happy to provide you gift vouchers.

Dogs are welcome

Dogs are welcome: € 9 per night